enri: vocals
piti: guitar
ruben: guitar
elias: bass
ricky: drums


enric montefusco
c/ espronceda, 375 4°1 esc.2
08027 barcelona
fon: 933499492


Five years on the road are starting to prove that Stand Still are one of the most powerful Spanish abrasive hardcore/emocore bands. Through line-up changes and hundreds of live performances they end up this year 2000 with the long awaited edition of "The ionic spell", their first long-play album and their debut with Bcore disc.

We already had the opportunity to enjoy them with their first demo "Progress self-destruction" and the mini-CD "The Tide", released through national Heart in Hand and DIY Product labels. "The ionic spell" picks up all the energy from those releases and puts it together in perfectly built up songs, with a brilliant production by hardcore-guru Xavi Navarro in Locate-0 studios to make them sound stronger than ever.

Their shows with bands like At the drive in, Abhinanda, Submission Hold, and their tours, not only in Spain but all around Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany...) together with Sheregano, E-150, Seein red or Children make their live performance one of the most solid you can see today. Their recent german tour with Monochrome not only proved that quality but also opened the doors to the german label Defiance Records, which is going to put out "the ionic spell" on vinyl.