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It is a fine line between witty and pretentious. It is amazing that Piebald is able to walk the former with, what seems like, great ease. You can easily see why Piebald has become one of the most popular cult indie bands around today. They can make an immediate switch from sarcasm to intelligent or heart-felt, and they do it perfectly. This stylistic uniqueness that people have come to know and love, mixes so well with their catchy hooks and driven beats.

The Piebald story is far too long to put on one page but some of the important information is as follows. Formed while still in high school Piebald has been together for 7 or 8 years now. For the first few years Piebald was a tough pill to swallow but the band has finally created their sound. Intelligent Indierock is a way to describe Piebald. Some of the bands they have toured with and fit in the fans of category would be Saves The Day, New Found Glory & Jimmy Eat World. Piebald have the potential to be the "next big thing" all the keys to a successful band are at their disposal. WFNX, Boston's Commercial Alternative Radio Station describes Piebald as "what Weezer SHOULD have evolved into.."

After over a year away from the studio, Piebald has just completed their greatest effort to date, their third LP, "We Are The Only Friends We Have" Coupled with legendary mega-producer Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, The Pixies, Morphine, Hole) the band holed up for an entire month in Bostonıs elite Q Division Studios tracking miles of tape with everything from bongos to trumpets to forty screaming six year-old children. Front man Travis Shettel said about the record, ³We have finally created the album weıve always wanted to. Every time we go into the studio we have these huge incredible ideas and they just never pan out due to time or constraints within a small studio. This time, with Paul, every idea we had was possible. And the outcome is something we are all so proud of.


barely legal/all ages 2xcd
the rock revolution mcd/10"
venetian blinds... cd/lp