Drown in Frustration

ralph: bass
steffen: guitar
jens: guitar
andré: vocals
michael: drums


andré bregler
zeiligstr. 17
76694 forst


drown in frustration. although our name may sound melancholic it by no means describes the mannerism of the band. rather, it merely reflects the experiences and dissapointments that we have had along the way. drown in frustration is: ralph - bass, steffen - guitar, jens - guitar, andré - vocals and last but not least michael on the drums. since 1996 with this lineup we have been finding our way along our musical path. in 1997 the german indie label "pateline records" released our first 7". with this record we set sail on our musical journey, emerged deep in old school waters. this was indeed our first step along our trip. the 7" reached out in to many different harbors. alowing us to experience, not only various audiences, but also to learn about ourselves and our musical desires.

slowly the old school waters began to subside and our course changed. after having matured over the year we landed in the new school port. our style changed and we found ourselves floating along side bands like snapcase and unbroken who had pioneered these waters. although these bands are a great influence on our music, we clearly stand on our own with our unique style.

after four years the long and stormy path came to an end when we were signed to the cologne label "defiance records". in august of 2000 we released our first mini-cd "the noise reveals what is real". giving us a new start in our musical endeavours. bringing us to present where we are currently working on our second release on defiance.


1996 - demotape - drown in frustration
1998 - single "already fallen"
1999 - split single "drown in frustration/crowpath"
2000 - mcd "the noise reveals what is real"