The Copperpot Journals

The Copperpot Journals are:
Lee Dodson
– Bass guitar, keyboards, melodica
Gareth Owen
– Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Euan Rodger
– Drums, percussion, xylophone
Stuart Turner
– Electric & acoustic guitars



Formed in middle England in the winter of 1999, the Copperpot Journals knew from the start that somewhere inside of them was a sound that needed to come out. Gareth Owen (vocals & guitars) & Stuart Turner (guitars) both from Rutland, joined together with Leicester based Lee Dodson (bass, keyboards) & Euan Rodger (drums). Their first release came in the form of a 5 track self-titled EP. Released on Leeds based label Blind Bear Records, this EP represents a poppier side of the band, receiving comparisons to bands like Farside & Gameface.
They began to get a name for themselves within the UK's punk/hardcore scene, mainly through their live performances. Chris from London based Firefly Recordings was convinced that the songs the band were now playing live, that weren't on the EP, were their best yet and offered to put them out. The Copperpot Journals knew that they wanted to release a full length album next, but 4 songs were needed; 4 songs never came. The old cliché of 'musical differences' put a stop to any further songs being written, so they decided to call an end to the band, but not without first recording the songs they did have.
They booked in with UK based engineer/producer John Hannon (ex-Understand) and set about recording the songs that were to become the 7 track mini-album 'Plotting To Kill Your Friends'. This recording became a blessing in disguise as it gave new life to the band. They all agreed to give it another go and the CD was finally released in May 2002 through Firefly Recordings. The CD got great reviews from the UK music press and elevated the band to another level. This mini-album represents a more thoughtful and diverse side to the band, with comparisons to Fireside, circa-Uomini D'nore.
Since then its been pretty much non-stop. Two UK tours were completed, the first with Floridians As Friends Rust, the second with one of the UK's premier rock acts, Hundred Reasons. HR had personally asked the band to tour with them, and the Copperpot Journals were exposed to crowds as big as 2000 people a night. Also on this tour were Sparta. All this combined to make for an experience they'll never forget.
Whilst all this was going on, every spare weekend was used to write and rehearse new songs. The band were happy with 'Plotting…' as they felt it was getting closer to the sound they knew was inside them. They were confident that the next album would be something special. Between writing and rehearsing new songs, they found time to get into the studio and record the song 'Coronary' for a six band EP that was to be released on the legendary UK based label Fierce Panda, and came out in March 2003.
The next major event in the life of The Copperpot Journals came when they played a show with future label mates, Pale in Derby in February 2003. Though CJ had played with the German quartet before, it wasn’t until this show that the guys from Defiance Records stepped in. They must've been impressed with what they saw in Derby as Defiance propositioned Firefly to make the album a split release, with Defiance releasing 'Pilots' in Europe and Firefly in the UK. Both Firefly and the Journals were more than happy to join forces with Defiance.
Which brings us to the present. 'Pilots' is the most musically diverse thing they've done so far, steering themselves away from the limitations sometimes inflicted upon the punk/hardcore scene, yet not forgetting their involvement. The band are convinced these are the songs that will represent them as they're supposed to be. Though they've already started to plan their next batch of songs, this could all change... evolution kids...